Can I use the ALMEMO® system powered by a portable power source, for example a car battery?

Yes, we offer direct supply cables and electrically isolated supply cables to power ALMEMO® devices directly from a low volt DC supply such as car battery, solar power station …

Do you supply replacement-measuring instruments for existing sensors?

All our measuring instrument can be used to replace your current measurement device/ measurement datalogger.

How can I change the analogue output range to suite the range I am going to measure?

Start- and end values for the analogue output can be programmed e.g. my instrument has an analogue output range of 0….10 V DC and I want it to be related to my actual application where I`m measuring 100°C up to 400°C. To get 0 V output at 100°C and 10 V output at 400°C, simply enter Analogue start “0” and Analogue end “400”.

How do I connect my old sensor to an ALMEMO® connector and transmitter?

Kayteck offers a wide spread variety of sensor connectors for all purposes. One should be able to find a suitable connector for foreign sensors. In case you are not sure which type will fit best, please contact the ALMEMO® support. Normally, when a sensor has been correctly wired to an ALMEMO connector, connected to a transmitter, the transmitter automatically recognises the sensor and instantly displays correct.

How do I connect my sensor to an ALMEMO® connector for bridge circuit?

In chapter 4 of the ALMEMO® Manual you can find all wiring diagrams including aspects of power supplying, minimum supply control and adjustment/scaling.

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