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  • ALMEMO® professional measuring instrument, latest V7 generation
  • with data logger function
  • two measuring inputs for all digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 sensors, for ALMEMO® standard sensors with the DIGI measuring range
  • Special functions for applications using ALMEMO® D7 sensors
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Technical data and functions

Professional measuring instrument from our latest V7 generation

  • Professional measuring instrument ALMEMO® 202 provides numerous outstanding functions for special applications using digital ALMEMO® D6 sensors and the latest ALMEMO® D7 sensors.

Brightly lit graphics display, easy and convenient operation by means of soft-keys

  • The white, illuminated graphics display ensures that functions and measured values can be viewed in the clearest way possible. The device is easy and convenient to operate by means of 4 soft-keys and a cursor block. The menu guidance is clearly structured and easy-to-understand.
  • The sensor display shows the measured values together with all relevant sensor-specific functions, e.g. temperature compensation, atmospheric pressure compensation. Measured values, peak values, average values, and limit values can all be displayed in an easy-to-understand way in various forms, namely lists or bar charts.
  • Users can even configure their own customized user menus from a range of 50 different parameters to display exactly those parameters required by a particular application. Choice of languages : German, English, French

End-to-end programming of all parameters for ALMEMO® D6 and D7 sensors

  • The ALMEMO® 202 professional measuring instrument provides a programming menu for the end-to-end programming of all the parameters needed for digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 sensors.
  • The required measuring ranges are selected (with ALMEMO® D7 sensors up to 10 measuring channels) and other relevant sensor parameters are configured, e.g. moving average, atmospheric pressure compensation, temperature compensation.

One measuring instrument for every need

  • This compact, handy device can, as an option, be fitted with rubberized impact protection for mobile use.
  • The latest energy-saving technology ensures long operating times. For stationary applications a DIN rail mounting is available.

Data logger for all storage applications

  • To save measured values an external memory is available in the form of a plug-in SD card.
  • For autonomous long-term monitoring the data logger can also be run in energy-saving sleep mode.

Two measuring inputs for all digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 sensors

  • All new digital ALMEMO® D6 and D7 sensors for a wide variety of measurable variables can be connected and evaluated.
  • ALMEMO® standard sensors with the DIGI measuring range can also be used, e.g. for crossflow turbines and high-voltage modules for thermocouples and DC and AC voltages.
  • The ALMEMO® 202 supports all ALMEMO® functions.

New digital ALMEMO® D7 sensors

  • With these digital ALMEMO® D7 sensors the ALMEMO® system is enhanced by many new functions and applications.
  • ALMEMO® D7 sensors operate via an all-digital interface to the
  • ALMEMO® 202 professional measuring instrument ensuring high-speed serial transmission of all measured values.
  • The measuring ranges of ALMEMO® D7 plugs are independent of the ALMEMO® measuring instrument being used and can be expanded as and when required for new applications.
  • Measured values can be displayed with up to 8 digits (depending on range) and the units with up to 6 characters. Sensor designation and information can be up to 20 characters.
  • Each connected D7 sensor has its own processor. They all work in parallel at their own sensor-specific sampling rate. D7 sensors thus attain very high measuring speeds in dynamic measuring operations. Scanning times on the ALMEMO® 202 professional measuring instrument can be set individually for quick-acting and slow-acting sensors.
  • The ALMEMO® D7 plug can process up to 10 channels for measured values and function values. This includes new applications, especially for multi-purpose sensors (e.g. Meteo sensors) and for linking up to complex third-party devices (e.g. chemical analysers, power analysers).

Other equipment

  • The two ALMEMO® output sockets can be used to connect a PC / network and an ALMEMO® output interface with relays and analog output at the same time.
  • With option KL it is possible – for a digital ALMEMO® sensor (e.g. ALMEMO® D6 / D7 temperature or pressure sensors) – to program multi-point adjustment or linearization in the ALMEMO® plug itself.
  • This option is possible with all digital ALMEMO® plug versions.
  • Standard connector (DIGI), ALMEMO® D6 and D7 plugs.


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