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Professional Measuring Instrument with Data Logger

  • ALMEMO® professional measuring instrument with data logger function
  • Functions for all application areas
  • 1 or 2 measuring inputs
  • Also with integrated sensor for temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure
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Technical data and functions, ALMEMO 2470 series


Technical data, ALMEMO 2470 series




Standard delivery

ALMEMO 2470-1S: Batteries, operating instructions, manufacturer’s test certificate Professional measuring instrument  

  • MA24701S

ALMEMO 2470-1SRH: Batteries, digital plug-in sensor for temperature / atmospheric humidity, operating instructions, manufacturer’s test certificate Professional measuring instrument

  • MA24701SRH

ALMEMO 2470-2: Rechargeable batteries, operating instructions, manufacturer‘s test certificate, carry case, mains unit Professional measuring instrument 

  • MA24702KN

ALMEMO 2470-2S: Rechargeable batteries, operating instructions, manufacturer‘s  test certificate, carry case, mains unit Professional measuring instrument 

  • MA24702SKN





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