Memory Connector

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Memory Connector with Micro-SD ZA 1904 SD

  • for ALMEMO® data loggers, as of version 6
  • Large memory
  • High data security
  • Measured values can be saved to a text file.
  • The memory card in the data logger can be replaced quickly and easily on site.
  • Files can be transferred to a PC quickly and easily via a card reader
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Memory Connector

Technical data

Memory Connector

ALMEMO Measuring instruments

  • 2590-2/-3S/-4S, 2690, 2890, 4390, 5690, 5790, 8490, 8590
  • Memory connector on device output socket A2

ALMEMO memory connector

  • Integrate drive for micro-SD card

Memory card

  • MicroSD industry standard (Industrial Grade SSD SLC Technology) with high performance, reliability and durability, possible up to 2 GB, standard FAT16 format

Measured values

  • With 128 MB approx. 8 million measured values

File format

  • ASCII text file, measured values in table format, separated by semi-colons

Reading device

  • USB card reader for removable storage media

Measuring software

  • WinControl (as of version 6),


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